Rental Opinion:
Rental Income is estimated to be between R10,500 and R11,500 upon transfer.  
Levies we project to be around R1,000 to R1,200 pm.  
Operational Costs:
Prepaid water meters should bring the levy amount down significantly as the Body Corporate will not carry the costs but the tenants directly.  
Inestment Analysis
Projected Growth:  
Growth projected (not guaranteed) at 10% p/a which should be on par given the unique bigger picture of the greater Haasendal Estate development and the commercial and economic activity that it offers.   

Please note that the figures used are estimates and is by no means a guarantee by anyone representing the development.  Our estimates are based on years of relevant industry experience, but costs are estimated and projections can be  subject to changes in market conditions as a result of internal and external economic factors.  Therefore please also conduct your own due diligence and ensure that you take a responsible calculated risk.  

Value Offering
  • Thorough Rental Rate Market Assessment

  • Marketing of rental property on over 40 websites and some print media if necessary 

  • Quality Pre-Screening of applications including: 

    • auditing of bank accounts 

    • ITC credit check (TPN)

    • Experian credit check (TPN)

    • Payment record checks (TPN)

    • Employment confirmation 

    • Facebook profile checks (sometimes)

    • Verification that pay slips correspond with bank statements

  • Detailed in-going and out-going inspections​ through Red Rabbit system

  • Up to date (CPA) lease agreement management

  • Maintenance management during lease through Red Rabbit system

  • Automated invoices to tenants with sms reminders before rent is due (PayProp)

  • Automated statements to owners (PayProp)

  • External Interest bearing Deposit management (PayProp)

  • Renewal and rent increase management and negotiation

  • Vacancy management (aiming for  zero downtime between tenants and no rent lost)

  • Dispute management 

  • Rental Tribunal representation if required

  • Payments of rates and levies from rent (optional)

  • No hidden costs for owners, we only charge a % of rent as a management fee

Did you knw

Meet the Rental Team

rentalprop keystone structure, april 201

Pieter van der Walt and Christo Booysen are long term business partners of 3 businesses in the real estate services sector. The success of their businesses is a direct result of a solid team effort and long term relationships with various big role players in the industry.  ​ 

Their rental management devision is literally built on word of mouth marketing resulting in referral business over several years which has grown into a significant business and competitor in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.  What differentiates this team's operations is the attention to detail in terms of screening prospective tenants as well as a group commitment to continued service excellence.  Further to this they also use some the best management systems on the market including PayProp and Tenant Profile Network.